Flat roof systems without roof penetration

Every FISCHER Licht & Metall flat roof PV system has been certified by the Testing Authority for Structural Safety at the State Trade Institute (LGA). These type approvals have the important advantage that the respective building approval authorities are not required to perform an additional static loading analysis. This significantly accelerates the approval process and means that the related fees are avoided.

The type approval gives installers a solid legal base which provides security if a fault occurs. System owners also have legal backup when dealing with test centres, assessors and insurance policies.

The advantages of the flat roof PV systems

  • High quality materials with maximum corrosion resistance: aluminium and stainless steel, polyurethane (PU) protective matting
  • Suitable for flat roofs with pitches up to 5° on foil, gravel, bitumen etc.
  • Quick installation
  • No roof penetration necessary
  • Extremely light
  • No point loads
  • Efficient pitch angle
  • Modules can be built around obstacles
  • Optimum rear ventilation
  • Project-specific automatic structural analysis for all European locations
  • LGA type test / structural type analysis verified by Testing Authority for Structural Safety
  • Suitable for use anywhere in Europe
Quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
DIN EN 1090